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There's no place like home! So... this gorgeous bespoke moody country wedding took place at Kaitlyn & Daniel's home on a CRAZY windy day, reminding me, of course, of The Wizard of Oz, minus the ruby slippers, replaced by cowboy boots. :)  

A barn on their property made for an incredible venue. What was once just a few walls was remodeled into a killer space for this boho/country Leap Year Wedding! 

Their package was for the full shebang; an adventure travel camping session (check out that blog here) florals, photography, videography with drones - complete with our first time ever video twist, Grandparents. I am particularly excited about the release of the video (coming soon!) where instead of vows each Grandparent narrates their wedding video, a concept inspired by When Harry Met Sally... Stay tuned for that!!!

From giant, suspended, 9-foot wheels covered in Eucalyptus, legit custom leather jackets, to snow like cherry blossom petals floating in the wind... The day was, magical, without being over the top. It was beautiful without being stuffy. It was sexy, cowboy boots, and champagne!! 

Sending so much love to these crazy kids! It has been an honor, loves!

@kaitlyn_see & @skyward_outdoors – Couple

@PreserveStudio – Photo/Video

@rosemarryandvine – Floral/Design – Makeup

@bstyled3 – Hair

@helloringjewelry & @qalo – Rings

Private residence in Escalon, CA Location

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Love from Page, Arizona to Shelter Cove, California.

I remember the first call between Bre and I. I was on vacation in Italy, celebrating Ma's (Debbie Sue - flower magician) birthday. Given the crazy time difference, the middle of the night ended up being our only available time to speak. It was bizarre because it was June and for some reason and it was like a monsoon hit. There was lightning, thunder and rain pouring for hours and hours. And there I am sitting in the dark, leaning out of the window in an attempt to receive an internet signal, being sprayed with rain, while Bre and I gabbed for hours. The craziness of that consult began [and continued] to lead to bigger and bigger ideas. From a giant crescent moon arbor to photoshoots with hikes through Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, inspiration continuously unraveled into a beautiful end result.

Leave a comment and tell us what part of wedding planning is your favorite!

Watch their gorgeous wedding video here.

@brerighthere & Sheldon – Couple

@PreserveStudio – Photo/Video

@rosemarryandvine, Rose Marry & Vine – Floral/Design

@ashleyjustinbride, Ashley & Justin Bride – Dress

@dperkinsevents, D. Perkins Events – Rentals/Coordinator

Location – Page, AZ, Antelope Canyon, AZ, Shelter Cove, CA

#preservestudio #rosemarryandvine #sheltercoveca #antelopecanyon #pagearizona #weddingphotographer #fearlessphotographer

This session with Kaitlyn and Daniel was a 9-hour adventure. The hiking, climbing, off-roading, crazy heights standing on the sides of mountains, and man - a lot of dirt. But it was more than worth it. On top of that mountain, I felt like I was in the alps, not Lake Alpine in Stanislaus National Forest in NorCal. The only truck that could handle the terrain meant that the bride-to-be and I had to lay in the bed with her two German shepherds for a 45 minute, scary, bumpy ass ride! We shot until the last of the light left the sky, and wrapped up the night with beers around a campfire under the stars.

If at all possible, make the engagement session more than just an hour. Explore or eat a meal together, maybe have some cocktails or hike, it really gives you a chance to bond. Have an adventure with your photographer! Not only will it make for some killer pics, it sets you up for a smooth wedding day since you already know what it's like to be in the trenches with your photog!

@kaitlyn_see & @skyward_outdoors – Couple

@PreserveStudio – Photo/Video – Makeup

@bstyled3 – Hair

@helloringjewelry & @qalo – Rings

@savedbythedress – Dress

@IKTboutique & @byltbasics – Outfits

@ospreypacks - Backpacks

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