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Yosemite Adventure Engagement: Ian & Adam

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

When my assistant told me that her best friend of 10 years was getting married and wanted me to take their photos, I said, hell yes. First things first - engagment photos. To contrast their local intimate modern, greens and botanicals, hip wedding, we opted to run round in the freezing cold in Yosemite.

They were a bit nervous when I started clicking, I mean I was basically making them make out in front people, remember Yosemite has tourists cluttering the park everyday - but my repetitive screaming "SMOOCH" somehow seemed to calm them down, LOL. Freezing cold, hiking, hours or driving and running from place to place, and some adorable, awkward make out sessions lead to all these swoon-worthy photos.

I can't wait for their intimate wedding in September 2019! Wooo!

Photo: Preserve Studio

Barber: Audrey Lang

Wedding Information: September 28 @ Lodi, CA

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