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Table Settings: A Collaboration Between Preserve Studio, Goodstock Productions, & RoseMarry&Vine

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

When we came up with the idea for the styled shoot for Steven and Jillian, we knew we wanted some unique and out of the box floral and table settings and we knew we could count on Debbie from RoseMarry&Vine & Anne from Goodstock Productions to do so.

We started off the with some table settings and floral in my own backyard. Debbie rocked it out with some moody and romantic centerpieces filled with palm leaves, dusty blush and white roses,a few purple astrenia roseas, and some greenery complimented perfectly by a table setting by Goodstock Productions. We used white and green plates with gold utensils to compliment the centerpiece.

Preserve/Goodstock Tip: A colored plate can add a pop of color to an otherwise dull table setting.

Up above the table we set up some hanging dreamcatchers and gold hoops filled with floral, to create a dreamy, boho look.

It's time for the wedding! The styled wedding that is... the key to a styled shoot is to use all the resources we can with out having to spend too much money. Luckily for us we found the perfect home in Chico, Ca, The Heirloom Fox. This house was so decorated so beautifully, we didn't have to bring much. We bought the copper piping and the macrame to hang on it and everything else, was things we had in our own homes! The chairs were provided by the house but everything else was ours.  

Preserve/Goodstock Tip: Use all the resources you have to save money.

Something to consider when setting up a table setting is lighting. Often times in outdoor weddings, people tend to forget about what will be lighting up the tables. Although there may be some overhead lighting, you can play with other ideas as well. Goodstock Productions used twinkle lights around the center of the table to give it a dreamy look, complimenting it with different textures, such as the fur table mats, the palm leaves, and the wood.




LOCATION: AirBNB Styled home by:

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