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Rome, Italy Editorial: Fine Art meets Fashion

When in Rome, you typically visit the go-tos: the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel (which are absolutely incredible)... but when in Rome for a photoshoot, you truly discover how magical it can be.

We teamed up with Nicol Vizioli from Fashion Art Wise Productions who produced this session. We wanted to create something moody and dark, blending fine art and fashion. We shot at the beautiful Villa Giovanelli-Fogaccia, an estate that is often used for weddings and events. The lighting in this venue made for some moody, dark, and rich shots.

PRO TIP #3: Lighting can be key to making a show, play with natural lighting through windows and doors to create depth and know when to leave that flash at home.

Models: Ana, Giovanna, Sara B, Rada of Fashion Art Wise Management

Styling by Valentina Feula, assistants Francesca Sireci and Francesca Romana

Makeup & Hair by Martina Chiacchio & Luigi Gentile.

Production assistants: Vincenzo Fierro, Maria Cerullo and Federico d'Antoni.

Location: Villa Giovanelli

Apparel Design by

Franco Ciambella, Luciano Verzola, Maison Luigi Borbone, Theodora Back, Antonella Rossi Roma, Alessandro Angelozzi, Nadya Dziak, LEMLò Roma last set with Ana, white skirt by Maison Luigi Borbone, Katerina Rutman

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