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Natural Bridges Adventure Engagement: Lana & Hayden

I adore going out and exploring new places and this engagement session was definitely adventurous. We hiked up a mountain at dusk and then down in the dark, were eaten alive by mosquitos, got drenched in a cave up to our waists with bats looming overhead, and were attacked by poisonous snakes! (Okay, so the snake was like 4 feet away and completely ignored us, but still.)

Despite it all, this session was so worth it!

Lana and Hayden have spent the majority of their relationship apart because he is in the military and she is training to be a police officer in Northern California. Despite the distance, their love for each other is undeniable. I usually have to instruct a bit when it comes to the smooching and laughing - but they had that down without even a word spoken. Maybe there is something to that old phrase, "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

One of my favorite parts of the session was the hike back in the dark. Where I see the shadowy, manly figure of Hayden leading the way clothed in Lana's ladies sweatpants and button up shirt (because he forgot to bring a change of clothes) and Lana beside him pants-less #isthiswhattheymeanbypriceless?

PRO TIP #1: Always pack an extra pair of clothes, you will always get dirty in an adventure shoot.

I had such a great time shooting these two at the Natural Bridges in Vallecito, CA. The shoot started with bright skies along the beautiful scenic hike to moody, dark, and passionate vibes at the cave, making for some epic photos.

Check them out below:

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