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Moody Photoshoot in Kings Canyon : Maria + Ravi

How We Met...

Ravi and I met when we both attended a going away party for a common friend. I interrupted his conversation with one of my then BFF's, and he was NOT having it-soooo, he extended his hand and introduced himself...and that's how our story began...

He added me on FB that same night and I added him thinking he'd never dare to contact me- but he did dare- he contacted me and we started talking for a whole night. A month went by without talking since he was settling in at UCLA and I was finishing up my Senior year of high school in Chula Vista. But, the universe had other plans, our other friend brought a great opportunity to reconnect through social media and I was able to see another side of Ravi that was spicy (my kind of man). Reconnecting was so easy for us, we loved getting to know everything about each other including our different cultures.

We made long distance work for 2 years, it was tough to say the least. Then I got accepted to UCLA and I joined him, and we have been growing as individuals and as a couple, both being 100% whole and 200% when we are together. Our days are now full of reading, building our legacy, and practicing gratitude for all we have and will have in the future. We are thrilled to finally- after 9 years of going strong- be promoted to husband and wife. Can't wait for the beautiful life we will get to create together.

When I wake up in the morning just a minute before you do. I like to look at you sleep makes me think it's going to be such a great day because I have with you by my side -Ravi

The Proposal

Ravi had our friends help in proposing to me. Our friends and family were able to orchastrate the whole thing the day of. They made a big heart with blue vases and red rose petals inside the heart. At sunset he took me to laguna beach's woods cove and made me go on a hunt for "treasure" the beach is "known to have", I found a bottle with a note that said in many different languages to find the cave- that was cheesy but I liked it. At that point we walked to the other side of the rock and found the real treasure- the heart. At that point, Ravi showed me inside the heart and our family and friends came out from hiding with carnations in their hands (I, of course, cried). He promised me the life we dream of will come true, got on one knee and after 5 years of being together-he finally popped the question and I said yes. My mother in law, came and gave me a hug and welcomed me to the family with a crown. Everyone else came and gave me the carnations they were carrying. It was a beautiful time.

I love his heart for people, his honesty, and his ambitious spirit. I respected him before I fell in love with him. He is who I want our kids to be like and who I admire dearly. -Maria

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