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Jillian + Steven: Stunning Styled Session in Northern California

When I first moved my business to Stockton, I met the lovely ladies of Goodstock Productions, an event planning company. Our connection was instant, we formed a great friendship often collaborating in some of their events. It was only fitting to think of them when the idea of a styled shoot came into play. I knew that if anyone could bring my ideas to life, it would be Goodstock Productions. Through them I also met our models Jillian and Steven, owners of Port City Pomade & The Golden Rose Barbershop. They were often vendors at Goodstock’s largest event Stockmarket. From day 1 I knew their chemistry was undeniable, they were loving and quirky. I knew they’d be the perfect fit for this “hipster” session I was going for.

When we arrived to the location we were so impressed by the Heirloom Fox house, it was STUNNING! It had all the components to do everything we wanted to do: in-house lifestyle sessions, wedding table set-ups, a faux wedding, and underwater pool session.

PRO TIP: When doing a styled shoot, location is key! If you can find a place that has most of what you’re looking for in your session, it will run much more smoothly.

We started the in-house lifestyle session in the kitchen. (because everyone knows the way to someone’s heart is through their belly, LOL) Well, actually, we were all starving at the time so my assistant popped some pizzas in the oven resulting in some adorable shots of the couple eating together:

We moved from room to room, utilizing the space completely,

PRO TIP: Textures & Lighting make for unique photos. Use things like rugs and blankets & open windows for this.

The bedroom shots were some of my favorite from this session... The couple was so playful, it made shooting them so easy! Often times couples have a hard time relaxing in front of the camera, I often tell them to whisper silly things in each other’s ear to get those cute natural reactions out of them. The last few of the bedroom shots were pretty hilarious. I wanted to get these dreamy photos of them under the covers, how did we manage that you ask? Imagine 4 people (Steven, Jillian, Myself, & My Assistant Alex) under the covers just to get these shots below:

At the end of the night I knew i wanted to do something . Pool + underwater camera sleeve + smokebombs = some pretty EPIC photos

(insert photos)

Speaking of epic, you always need an epic location when shooting an engagement session. Anne from Goodstock Productions scouted out the perfect location for it. It was our very own California Grand Canyon…. okay well, maybe it was a Mini Canyon, but it was EPIC. Locations like these make for some gorgeous photos, especially at Golden Hour. They make your photos stand out from the rest, just take a look at a few:

While we were taking these epic photos, Ben & Miguel from our team were kicking out this amazing video as well. Busting out the drone, doing the 360 swoops, the whole nine yards! ... You can find the video on the link below!

We’ve submitted these sessions to a few blogs and websites and we’ve had a ton of great response! We are so excited to be a part of their blogs. Here us a few we’ve been featured on:

& many more to come!

I just want to give a special thanks to my team Ben (Second Shooter//Drone) , Miguel (Video) & Alex (Assistant & Michelada Maker)! I really couldn’t have done this without y’all.

Special thanks to:

Goodstock Productions // // Styling & Event Decor

RoseMarry&Vine // // Floral

Jillian & Steven // // Models

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