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Hiking, Off-Roading, and Climbing into the Perfect Engagement Session!

This session with Kaitlyn and Daniel was a 9-hour adventure. The hiking, climbing, off-roading, crazy heights standing on the sides of mountains, and man - a lot of dirt. But it was more than worth it. On top of that mountain, I felt like I was in the alps, not Lake Alpine in Stanislaus National Forest in NorCal. The only truck that could handle the terrain meant that the bride-to-be and I had to lay in the bed with her two German shepherds for a 45 minute, scary, bumpy ass ride! We shot until the last of the light left the sky, and wrapped up the night with beers around a campfire under the stars.

If at all possible, make the engagement session more than just an hour. Explore or eat a meal together, maybe have some cocktails or hike, it really gives you a chance to bond. Have an adventure with your photographer! Not only will it make for some killer pics, it sets you up for a smooth wedding day since you already know what it's like to be in the trenches with your photog!


@kaitlyn_see & @skyward_outdoors – Couple

@PreserveStudio – Photo/Video – Makeup

@bstyled3 – Hair

@helloringjewelry & @qalo – Rings

@savedbythedress – Dress

@IKTboutique & @byltbasics – Outfits

@ospreypacks - Backpacks

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