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Black Sand Beaches, Redwoods, Red Canyon Walls and Floral Crescent Moons

Love from Page, Arizona to Shelter Cove, California.

I remember the first call between Bre and I. I was on vacation in Italy, celebrating Ma's (Debbie Sue - flower magician) birthday. Given the crazy time difference, the middle of the night ended up being our only available time to speak. It was bizarre because it was June and for some reason and it was like a monsoon hit. There was lightning, thunder and rain pouring for hours and hours. And there I am sitting in the dark, leaning out of the window in an attempt to receive an internet signal, being sprayed with rain, while Bre and I gabbed for hours. The craziness of that consult began [and continued] to lead to bigger and bigger ideas. From a giant crescent moon arbor to photoshoots with hikes through Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, inspiration continuously unraveled into a beautiful end result.

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Watch their gorgeous wedding video here.


@brerighthere & Sheldon – Couple

@PreserveStudio – Photo/Video

@dperkinsevents, D. Perkins Events – Rentals/Coordinator

Location – Page, AZ, Antelope Canyon, AZ, Shelter Cove, CA

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